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New Girl S4 E7 – Goldmine

Last updated on February 25, 2024

This podcast covers New Girl Season 4, Episode 7, Goldmine, which originally aired on Nov 11, 2014 and was written by Berkley Johnson and directed by Russ T. Alsobrook.

Episode Recap

Jess is trying to get to the next level with dating, but learns she needs to follow the guy’s advice and lie about living with her ex. Nick pretends to be gay to help her. Cece shares she’s getting a breast reduction consultation and Schmidt processes the five stages of grief. Meanwhile, Coach and Winston pay a visit to the new neighbors but have different methods of how to hook up with them.  


While not discussed in the podcast, we noted other references in this episode including:

  • Kool-Aid Man – The guys thought that if Jess shared she lived with her ex, that he would want to run out so quickly that he’d run through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man. 
  • Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel – Coach shared nothing was less hot than a male secretary, but Winston felt that even though Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s eyes “are so pouchy” he was a male secretary who was “still killing it.” 
  • Peter Pan – When Jess and Cece were looking at Jess’s bras, she mentioned one was called the Peter Pan. 
  • Freaky Friday – Cece was considering getting a breast reduction and was looking at Jess’s bras, prompting Jess to ask “Are we doing, like, a boob Freaky Friday?” 
  • Anderson Cooper – When Nick was pretending to be gay, he referenced Anderson Cooper and his stance on being out. 
  • A Christmas Carol – Jess was proving how she could keep up a charade by reciting her one-woman production of A Christmas Carol
  • Sophie’s Choice / Harold & Kumar [Go to White Castle] – When Cece was only going to let Schmidt say goodbye to one of her breasts, Schmidt felt like it was “the ultimate Sophie’s Cho-Cho”, referring to the film Sophie’s Choice. He also shared that he had named her breasts “Harold” and “Kumar”, the main characters from the film Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
  • [Schindler’s List] – Schmidt ran in to stop Cece from getting a breast reduction surgery (even though it was only a consultation) and felt like he had saved her. He then referenced the film Schindler’s List, saying “I’m your Schindler. One day, your children are gonna put rocks on my grave.”

This episode got a 7/10 rating from Kritika whose favorite character was Nick and Kelly rated this episode a 7.5/10 and her favorite character was Tina!

Podcast Notes

  • Most Likely To:
    • Run away if someone lived with their ex
    • Know when you’re going through 5 stages of grief
    • Go out with a lion tamer
    • Blame a season for your actions
  • Schmidtism:
    • Schmidt coming in to talk to Nick
  • In the 2020s:
    • Not: Schmidt thinking he had a right to have a say on Cece’s boobs, “gay” Nick, Uh Ohs, and Winston helping his neighbors just to sleep with them
    • Yes: Fighting stereotypes for gay men, Schmidt’s acceptance of Cece’s discussions (finally), and the writers’ note on Winston & Coach not being the same person
  • Pop Culture:
    • “Canon in D”
  • Guest Stars:
    • Amber Stevens West (Viv)
    • Michael Stahl-David (Ian)
    • Amanda Lund (Tina)

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Episode 8!

Music: “Hotshot” by

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