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New Girl S4 E9 – Thanksgiving IV

This podcast covers New Girl Season 4, Episode 9, Thanksgiving IV, which originally aired on November 25, 2014 and was written by David Feeney and directed by Fred Goss.

Episode Recap

Schmidt is still committed to helping the loft mates have a hook up, so he proposes Bangsgiving, where everyone draws a name and brings someone to the party for that person to hookup with. But, as expected, things don’t go according to plan… 


While not discussed in the podcast, we noted other references in this episode including:

  • Pharrell [Williams] – Schmidt was being compared to looking like the “Jewish Pharrell” at the party.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Coach was surprised by his date’s strength and told Winston that he “should’ve warned [him] you were setting [him] up with one of the Guardians of the Galaxy.” 
  • Monopoly – Tran brought a game like “Thailand Monopoly” to the “Bangs-giving” party. 
  • Sean Connery – Jess was trying to back-track what Coach told Ryan about “Bangs-giving” being a singles party, asking, “Did Coach say that with a Sean Connery accent? Did he say “shingles”? ‘Cause he was… He actually meant shingles. Like the… like… Everybody here is a-a roofer.” 
  • Oasis – Jess shared that she sings songs by the band Oasis to herself and pretends they’re about Ryan caring for her.
  • Oliver Twist – Coach was egging Jess on that Ryan would be polite because he’s British, comparing him to the Charles Dickens novel protagonist, Oliver Twist.

This episode got a 8/10 rating from both Kritika and Kelly; Kritika’s favorite character was Cece and Kelly’s favorite was Nick.

Podcast Notes

  • Most Likely To:
    • Draw your own name in a Secret Santa and not tell
    • Root for the bad guy
    • Lie to someone to hang out with someone else
    • Eat an entire pie in one sitting
  • Schmidtism:
    • Bangsgiving Intro
  • In the 2020s:
    • Not: Confusing Indian and Native American, Antisemitic comments, and how little people were referred to, Coach’s ego
    • Yes: Coach being aware of his ego and both he and Pepper getting over it, and seeing beyond things that scare you
  • Pop Culture:
    • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Guest Stars:
    • Alison Becker (Pearl)
    • Meghan Falcone (Lucy)
    • Alex Marshall-Brown (Pepper)
    • Adam Huber (Geoff)

Additionally we mentioned in our podcast episode a video of Hannah Simone doing accents. You can watch it here. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Episode 10!

Music: “Hotshot” by

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