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New Girl S1 E8 – Bad in Bed

Last updated on November 10, 2020

This podcast covers New Girl Season 1, Episode 8, Bad in Bed, which originally aired on December 6, 2011 and was written by Josh Malmuth and directed by Jesse Peretz.

Episode Recap

Jess is exploring the next level of her relationship with Paul and they’re planning to have sex. She is a little intimidated because she hasn’t had sex with anyone but Spencer for six years and goes on an interesting journey, including watching porn, getting the guys help, and shopping for lingerie with Cece. Meanwhile, Schmidt attends his boss’s baby shower and Nick explores getting a haircut.

Episode Notes

We discuss Pop Culture References such as:

  • Jimmy Stewart – When Jess and Paul are about to have sex they start using voices and Paul does a Jimmy Stewart impression.
  • Clinton’s Impeachment + NPR – Jess claims one of the places that she learned about sex was listening to information about Clinton’s Impeachment trial on NPR.

Additional Pop Culture References such as:

  • Bond Villain – Schmidt’s co-worker, Beth, is describing her plans to get the corner cubicle and Schmidt says she’s like a Bond Villain disclosing her whole plan. Bond Villain refers to the James Bond series where the villains often share all of their goals and plans. 
  • Entourage – When Jess and Paul are at dinner talking about sex, Paul noted his response sounded like a guy from Entourage, which was a show on HBO that focused on male friendship navigating the film industry in Hollywood and included lots of sex and nudity. 
  • Mr. Darcy – While at the lingerie shop, Jess puts underwear on her head like a bonnet saying “Mr. Darcy” is going to love it. Mr. Darcy is a character from the novel Pride & Prejudice.

We also cover “Schmidtisms” when talking about Schmidt’s coworkers, the Chatty Cathys, and how Schmidt and Winston are “sushi” while Nick is just “meat and potatoes. For “Not in 2020” on this episode we discuss the word “exotic” and touch on the importance of consent. We also explore the careers of Eva Amurri Martino and Michaela Watkins, the guest stars of this episode.

Additionally, we talk about Hugh Dane earlier in the podcast who is playing the man in Winston’s barbershop that is joking around with Nick, pretending to be Danny Glover’s grandfather.

This episode got a 7/10 Rating from Kritika whose favorite character is Paul and Kelly rated this episode a 6.5/10 and her favorite character was Nick!

Also as we mentioned on the podcast, if you’re watching on Netflix, you can see Max Greenfield break out of character at 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

A few other things we referenced this episode were the:

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Episode 9!

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