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New Girl S2 Bonus – Season 2 Recap

Last updated on January 28, 2022

This podcast covers a recap of the second season of New Girl. We’re your hosts, Kelly and Kritika, and we originally met through work but now we consider ourselves long distance best friends. We’ve bonded over our love of TV and brought you this podcast to recap one of our favorite shows — New Girl.

Episode Recap

In Season 2, we see the loft mates’ friendship blossom. Jess and Nick explored their feelings for each other, Schmidt and Winston explored their friendship, and Cece pursued a serious relationship. 

Episode Notes

In this recap of season 2, we broke down the themes of each loft mate.

  • Jess – We explore Jess’s career, how her need to control everything evolved from Season 1, and how she stepped out of her comfort zone in her relationships.
  • Nick – We discuss his struggle to be vulnerable, how he spent the season looking for a father figure, his relationship with Jess, and friendships with the other loft mates.
  • Winston – We examine how Winston got a little more of a storyline (but not much) and how great of a friend he was to everyone in the loft through this season.
  • Schmidt – We take a look at Schmidt’s relationship with Cece, his new friendship with Robby, and his existing relationships with the rest of the loft.
  • Cece –  We review Cece and Jess’s friendship and Cece’s arc of settling down this season.

Additionally, we discuss our favorite scenes, quotes, “Schmidtisms”, “In the 2020s” segments, pop culture references, and guest stars we had previously featured on the podcast. We also share some fun facts from a series of articles covering an interview with the showrunners linked below.

This season as a whole got a 9/10 rating from both Kritika and Kelly, who both also had the same favorite character: Nick.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Season 3!

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