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New Girl S2 E14 – Pepperwood

Last updated on August 20, 2021

This podcast covers New Girl Season 2, Episode 14, Pepperwood, which originally aired on January 22, 2013 and was written by Nick Adams and directed by Lynn Shelton.

Episode Recap

Nick is worried for Jess after he reads a student’s story while Winston finds out about his “Pogo” which prompts Schmidt and the rest of the loftmates to obsessively want to know what their pogo is as well.

Episode Notes

On this episode’s Pop Culture section we reviewed:

  • “I’m So Excited” – Jess’ cell phone ringtone throughout the episode is the song “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters. 
  • Audrey Hepburn – Jess thinks Schmidt looks like Audrey Hepburn after he removed part of his eyebrows.

Additional Pop Culture References such as:

  • (Chicago) Bears – Once, Winston’s penis accidentally changed the channel while the loft was watching the Bears game. The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team based in Chicago in the National Football League (NFL). The Bears have won nine NFL Championships, including one Super Bowl, and have also recorded more victories than any other NFL franchise. 
  • The Cranberries – When Jess was trying to convince Edgar she wasn’t scared, she imitated singing in the style of Dolores O’Riordan from the band The Cranberries. The Cranberries were an Irish rock band formed in Limerick, Ireland and ranked as one of the best-selling alternative acts of the 1990s. Dolores O’Riordan had one of the most recognizable voices in rock and was known for her signature yodel.

Instead of a single “Schmidtism” we share our favorite one-liners like how obsessed Schmidt is with his pogo and give an honorary mention to him dancing like a sea snake. For our “not in the 2020s” we discuss how Cece’s personality is reduced to just her looks and for our “yes in the 2020s” we note how we like the loft’s pogo for Nick is their concern for him. We also explore how Nick protecting Jess is partially in the not and the yes in the 2020s. We also give a brief look into Nate Corddry (Edgar), the guest star we feature in this episode.

Also in this episode were the following guest stars who we do not discuss in the podcast: Marcelo Tubert (Martin), Matthew McCray (Benjamin), Yimmy Yim (Susie), and Marcia Ann Burrs (Old Woman / Edgars mom/partner).

Additionally in the podcast, we discuss how while there isn’t a book about a detective that solves zombie murders, there is a detective show and comic about a zombie solving murders: iZombie. We also mention how Julius Peppers is a defensive end for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL who played for the Chicago Bears from 2010 – 2013 which is likely the inspiration for Julius Pepperwood. Additionally, we mention how the student’s name Edgar is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe.

While not discussed in the podcast, we noted other references in this episode including:

  • Jalopy – The loft said that Winston farts a little as he runs and they say he sounds like a jalopy. A jalopy is also known as a decrepit car that is often old and damaged and is in a barely functional state. Other slang terms used to describe such cars are terms like beater, clunker, hooptie, and banger.
  • Palatino – When Nick is trying to avoid reading Edgar’s story, he mocks the font and says that [Edgar] should have at least used Palatino. This is an old-style serif font that was designed by Hermann Zapf and released in 1949. It was named after an Italian calligrapher and is based on the humanist types of the Italian Renaissance. While most Renaissance typefaces have delicate proportions, Palatino has larger proportions that increase legibility. It was a font intended for use for headings and advertisements to be able to be read at a distance or printed at small sizes.
  • Google – Nick tries to investigate Edgar after reading his story and begins by “google[ing] his name”. While this is a reference to Google, due to the popularity of the search engine, this proper noun has also become a transitive verb indicating the act of searching for something on the internet using Google. The first recorded usage was by the co-founder Larry Page in 1998 and the word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2006.
  • Shish kebab [Shish-kabobed] – When Winston is apologizing to Schmidt, Schmidt mentions that Winston “basically shish-kabobed her”. A shish kebab is a meal in which there are skewers with grilled cubes of meat popular in Mediterranean cuisines. In English, the word kebab stands for shish kebab but outside of North America, there is a need to be more specific. The dish is traditionally made with lamb but can be made with various meats, poultry or fish.

This episode got an 8/10 Rating from Kritika and a 7.5/10 from Kelly and we both had the same favorite character: Nick!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Episode 15!

Music: “Hotshot” by

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