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New Girl S3 Bonus – Season 3 Recap

Last updated on May 7, 2023

This podcast covers a recap of the third season of New Girl. We’re your hosts, Kelly and Kritika, and we originally met through work but now we consider ourselves long distance best friends. We’ve bonded over our love of TV and brought you this podcast to recap one of our favorite shows — New Girl.

Episode Recap

In Season 3, Nick and Jess are together… until they aren’t; they begin the season dating and by the end they agree to split up. Schmidt tries to date another woman while dating Cece and ends up losing them both, only to realize that he truly still loves Cece. He also moves out halfway through the season, but only ends up living across the hall. Winston takes Daisy’s cat Ferguson and applies for the LAPD and after Coach comes back to the loft after a break-up, Jess befriends him and helps get him a job at her school. 

Episode Notes

In this recap of season 3, we broke down the themes of each loft mate.

  • Jess – We explore Jess’s trouble fitting back in with her profession and her lack of communication with Nick, and her continued need for control, especially in her relationships.
  • Nick – We discuss how supportive Nick is with Jess and the other loftmates and how he began to really speak up for himself this season.
  • Winston – We examine how Winston is still getting a side-character edit, although he is getting more storylines than the last two seasons. Mostly, we feel Winston is the glue of the friend group, bringing everyone together.
  • Schmidt – We take a look at Schmidt’s whirlwind romances with Elizabeth/Cece and then Abby and how he continues to pine after Cece in this season.
  • Cece –  We review Cece’s career changes, her romantic relationships, and how we saw her friendship with Jess grow.
  • Coach – We begin to explore Coach’s storyline with his return. We discuss how he is paired up with each character through this season and is actually coaching and showing his vulnerable side.

Additionally, we discuss our favorite scenes and quotes, “Schmidtisms”, “In the 2020s” segments, pop culture references, and guest stars we had previously featured on the podcast.  We also do another quick review of Prince, the most notable guest star from this season.

In the episode, we also mentioned the following articles:

This season as a whole got a 7/10 rating from Kritika and a 7.5/10 from Kelly, who both had the same favorite character: Nick.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Season 4!

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